Holds and Cancellations

Travel Hold Policy

Your membership may be placed on hold for a minimum of two months and a maximum of 12 months following these specifications:

  • You must submit an electronic request by the 25th of the month prior to beginning your travel hold.
  • You must be out of town for the duration of the hold period.
  • The dues hold fee will be $10 per membership per month. Anyone on hold longer than 12 months will be cancelled.
  • If you drop your membership and wish to rejoin at a later date, you will be required to repay the initiation fee.

Medical Hold Policy


Membership may be put on hold in the event of an injury, illness or physician’s orders to halt your workout. Written physician’s orders stating the months the member is unable to use The Wave is required to implement a medical hold. No hold fee charged for a medical hold. Only the individual listed on the medical note will be placed on hold.




Cancellation of a month to month membership requires an electronic request of cancellation be submitted to Administration by the 25th of the month prior to the month the cancellation request is to be effective. Cancellations received after the 25th till the end of the month will be processed but charged a late fee. No cancellation will be accepted after the 1st of the month, for that month.

Cancellation of a 12 month agreement requires an electronic request of cancellation to Administration at the completion of the 12 month agreement no later than the 25th of the month prior to month cancellation request is to be effective. Cancellation during a 12 month agreement is accepted only under the following conditions:

  1. If member changes their primary residence to an area more than 20 miles from The Wave
  2. If member dies or becomes physically disabled
  3. Physician’s letter expressly forbidding physical exercise

Additional cancellation requirements: (cancellations will not be processed until all requirement are met)

  1. Accounts must be paid in full
  2. Rental lockers must be cleaned of personal items and locker keys returned
  3. Paperwork filled out completely and turned in

Cancellations are effective on the 1st of the month only. Enrollment fees are non-refundable

Repayment of the enrollment fee is required if membership is canceled