Torie Hart

Certified Personal Trainer


  • BS in Biokinetics
  • Certified Personal Trainer NASM


Torie was born and raised in Red Wing Minnesota. The day after graduating from college, she moved to Utah, explored as much of the state as she could, and has now settled in Whitefish Montana.

Torie received a B.S. degree in Biokinetics from Bethel University in St. Paul MN, where she also completed a two year long internship with Bristlecone Health Inc. As a one-on-one fitness trainer and physiology educator, she got to apply her knowledge from school, and was able to assist clients with an array of metabolic disorders, live higher quality lives. While in Utah, she started working as an exercise physiologist on a cardiac rehabilitation unit at Timpanogos Regional Hospital. And is now a NASM certified personal trainer at The Wave.
Torie enjoys outdoor recreational activities, such as hiking, snowboarding, backpacking, ice skating, rollerblading, paddleboarding and gardening. She enjoys learning about the many ways one can abide by their physiology and anatomy to become the most optimal human. Torie has been passionate about maintaining health and wellness since she was a teenager, and has been working in the field since 2018. She is eager to help clients maintain or improve their health through funcitonal movement and creating challenging, yet fun workouts!