10 Perks of Recreational Swimming on the Mind and Body

recreational swimming

For many people, the thought of swimming inspires flashbacks to salt-flavored beach days and tiny backyard pools. Why is it so difficult to imagine making swimming a part of your health and fitness routine as an adult? You don’t need to be Michael Phelps or Katie Ledecky to get something out of a dip in the…

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Top 4 Fitness Routines to Try When Outside


Outdoor fitness has become increasingly popular and is here to stay. With all the benefits working out outdoors provide, it’s no wonder that’s the case! But if you’re trying to boost your outdoor fitness routine, what can you do to challenge yourself and get the best out of your workout? What are some exercises that…

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12 Great Reasons You Should Try Water Sports

water sports

Did you know that the Red Cross performed a survey finding out that about 80% of Americans say that they can swim? Unfortunately, only about 56% of swimmers know how to perform the basic skills to save their life in the water. No matter what age you are, learning to swim can save a life,…

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