Peer Pressure! How to Get the Most Out of Your Group Fitness Schedule

group fitness schedule

Do you have a hard time feeling motivated to exercise? We all know how important exercise is to our general well-being, but over 80% of adults don’t meet the suggested guidelines for general aerobic activity or strength training.

Are you part of that statistic?

If so, try fitting a group fitness schedule into your plans. Working out in a group can be way more fun and engaging than trudging through a workout alone. What better motivation is there than the people around you?

Not sure how to make the most out of a group fitness workout routine? Not even sure if it’s right for you? Don’t worry; we’re here to help. Keep reading to learn all about making group fitness work for you so you can reach your optimal fitness level.

Pick Something You Love

So what’s the best kind of workout?

The best workout is the one that you’re going to do. Regardless of what kind of physical activity you’re comfortable with, it’s the most effective if it’s one that you can maintain.

If you find something too strenuous, too tedious, or too boring, you’re less likely to maintain your schedule. Instead, choose something that you enjoy and that you don’t mind doing every week.

You can try a variety of fitness classes to see what type works for you. Whether you love strength training, the fun of aerobics, the stretching and mindfulness of pilates and yoga, or getting into the pool for an aquatics class, there’s sure to be something that you’re excited to do every week.

Invite Friends to Join

In a group fitness class, you’re going to be surrounded by strangers. Don’t panic, these strangers may become friends soon enough!

If you feel some gym anxiety from being around all of those unfamiliar people, though, why not invite a friend to join the fun? You’ll be more relaxed and the fitness class provides a great opportunity for a bonding experience.

See what gaps in your schedule that everyone has in common and sign up for a class that works for all of you. Getting fit together is way more fun than getting fit on your own, and your friend group can make sure that you all stay focused. Consider it an accountability group.

Talk to The Instructor

If this is your first time in a group fitness class, you might be too intimidated to talk to the fitness instructor. There’s no need to be, though. They’re there for you!

Do you have any specific health concerns or goals that you want to address? Are you wondering about ways that you can continue your conditioning on days where you’re not at the fitness center?

An instructor isn’t just there to lead the class. They want to help you reach your full potential, so don’t be afraid to communicate with them.

Don’t Hide

Newcomers to group fitness classes have a tendency to try to sink into the background of the class. No one can see you mess up if you’re in the back, right?

While this is true, you won’t be getting the most out of your fitness class if you’re hiding in the back. You’re there to learn and improve, so it’s better for you if you have the fitness instructor nearby.

There are a few ways that this helps. First, if you do something wrong, the instructor can be there as soon as they see it to correct you. Sometimes small mistakes are important. Something that seems inconsequential, like poor form, can actually cause injuries.

Being closer to the fitness instructor also helps you learn things faster. You’ll have everything modeled right in front of you. In the back, you can look to the people around you to see if you’re doing things right, but they’re students too! If you want the best example, look at the instructor and follow their lead.

Give Your Best Effort

You shouldn’t phone it in when you go to your group fitness class. It’s easy to blend into the crowd and zone out while you’re exercising, but if you do this, you won’t be getting the most out of your class.

Instead, work as hard as you can for the duration of the class. Remember, it isn’t that long! You’ll feel so much better when you’re done.

Full effort looks different for everyone. Don’t feel intimidated if the people around you seem more athletic or experienced than you are. It’s possible that they’ve been doing the class for longer, or that some of their pre-existing skills lend themselves to the movements.

Focus on your own fitness level and only compare your progress to yourself. You want your workout to be challenging, but not so much so that you put yourself at risk for injuries.

If your best effort is slower than the rest of the class, don’t worry. You’ll get there in no time if you’re consistent.

Have Fun

Group fitness classes aren’t serious. You’re there to improve your health, but you should have fun in the process. Try not to take yourself so seriously. Staying humble and open to fun experiences will help you learn.

Feel free to socialize with other people in the group and don’t be afraid of “looking silly.” No one is judging you.

Are You Ready to Start Your Group Fitness Schedule?

Starting a group fitness schedule is a great step forward towards improving your health. You don’t have to work out all alone for long hours at the gym. Grab a few friends and pick something that looks fun to get started today!

Are you looking for a great group fitness class? We have plenty of classes to choose from. There’s something for everyone.

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